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A detailed comparison of pros and cons for Armory3D & UPBGE

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Blender Foundation Support Officially Unofficially
Development Status Creator of Armory3D has recently returned to development
Original creator, Lubos Lenco, has in the past moved on to ArmorPaint after being awarded a EpicMegaGrant by Epic Games
(company of Unreal Engine)
Past development has been maintained by community contributors
youle, one of the top, core developers has quit for the 5th time
UPBGE is a spin-off of Blender 3D's old Game Engine
Original creator, Tristan Porteries, stopped development after internal disagreements with the organization team, external & internal pressure and additionally some in-real-life distractions
The project is maintained by community contributors
Development Roadmap Implement 2020 roadmap + monthly core & bug-fix contributions by the community Only bug fixes - awaiting Blender developers for EEVEE Next port, Vulkan port, & Real-Time Compositing Nodes
Development Team luboslenco, MoritzBrueckner, tong, QuantumCoderQC
Naxela, RPaladin
youle31, lordloki, izazed, mysticfall
Community Large community,
but minimal activity beyond contributors
Small, but very active community
Learning Some tutorials, many are outdated.
Mnual is up to date however and is actively maintained.
Very many tutorials, but most are outdated or simply incompatible due to UPBGE 0.2.x/0.3.x version variations.
Official Blender tutorials work well with UPBGE 0.3+ versions however. And new tutorials are being made by several contributors arbitrarily time to time.
Showcase Not exactly many "made with Armory3D" AAA game examples to direct people to except for the official wiki games list
This may be caused by the game-engine being relatively new and/or rumors that development is dead; which it's not, at least not fully so
There is however an impressive collection of real-time, browser demo examples available to the public
Being a fork of Blender's former Game Engine, UPBGE has a good and semi-long history of making AAA quality games
However, performance has always been one of the major negatives surrounding, thus preventing it for professional usage in the long term
This doesn't mean it's not bad for short-term, personal projects however!!
Licenses Blender Add-On (GPL2)
Armory Player (zlib/libpng)
Blender (GPL2 & GPL3)
Embedded Player (No GPL)
Standalone Player (GNU GPL)
Blender Compatibility Blender 2.93.8 LTS
Blender 2.79 (legacy/outdated)
Blender 3.2 (Alpha)
Blender 2.79.7 (outdated/legacy)
Integration Method Add-On Cloned (and modified) Source
Runtime Compatibility Compatibility differences between Blender & Armory Player are moderately high
Additional unsupported elements can be seen here & here
Impressive ~95% Blender graphics compatibility
at runtime including BPY code!
Software Reliability Tends to crash a lot Moderately bug free
Supported Platforms Desktop, Mobile, Browser, Console, more Desktop
Logic Methods Haxe, C, Rust, WASM, JavaScript, Logic-Nodes Python, Python Components, Logic-Nodes, Logic-Bricks